Abseil inspection

Abseiling or industrial rope access is used extensively by our trained engineers as a value for money and effective way to carry out testing, investigations and making safe to buildings and structures

  • We inspect stonework for deterioration, spalling and fixings corrosion
  • Brickwork inspections cover cracking, settlement and slip brick adhesion
  • Using the latest borescope equipment we investigate cavities and hidden fixings
  • Wall tie detection and mapping is an essential part of cavity inspection
  • We have extensive knowledge of investigating all types of cladding systems
  • Glazing panels and window examination is looked at for leaks and poor weather protection
  • Mastic and flexible sealants can be checked for adhesion and effectivenes
  • Inspection of civil engineering structures including checking for corrosion of structural steel
  • Abseil examination of bridges especially over water is very cost effective