Corrosion control

Cathodic protection and corrosion control from Martech

With the increased need to retain and recycle old buildings and structures, there is a greater than ever risk of reinforced concrete succumbing to the ravages of time. This can be due to a lack of ongoing maintenance or through the natural ageing process of concrete.

The subsequent loss of alkaline protection for the steel reinforcement leads, inevitably, to corrosion and a cycle of further decay, as corrosion-affected concrete often has very extensive hidden or latent damage.

Over the years, Martech has seen too many unnecessary failures of concrete repairs. Hence, we advocate the use of corrosion inhibitors or cathodic protection to be installed in conjunction with concrete repairs.

We are specialists in the correct repair of reinforced concrete. Our experienced materials and corrosion engineers have the knowledge and understanding of the cause and extent of the problem as well as the expertise to apply correct repair systems.

Our Martech Technical Services team has the expertise to:

  • Advise on concrete repair options and strategies
  • Design Margel corrosion inhibitor solutions
  • Install Margel to a high standard of workmanship
  • Design galvanic cathodic protection systems
  • Design impressed current cathodic protection systems
  • Install cathodic protection systems to a high standard of workmanship